Supporting Associates

As and when required by the project brief, and within the quoted cost, the professional services of the following prospective associates will be accessed:


Charles Skinner, ‘Your Reputation Matters’ an independent senior professional public & media reputation management consultant with over 30 years’ experience across the agency, central government and local government sectors including working at the most senior level with government minsters and heads of departments nationally and internationally.

Mark Holman, a hands-on advertising & sponsorship specialist currently operating through his Bow & Arrow consultancy delivering bespoke advertising, sponsorship and marketing solutions for his clients. Mark was formerly the advertising & sponsorship officer for Southampton City Council and an active, leading member of the Cross Council Revenue Group.

Roy Oliver, an independent, specialist outdoor advertising consultant, with 30 years’ experience in outdoor advertising including; Maiden Outdoor, Titan Outdoor, Primesite Ltd – as London regional sales manager.

Ray Holding, an independent, specialist outdoor advertising planning consultant for 30 years.

Hardeep Ryatt, an independent, specialist planning consultant with particular experience of high quality, high value developments such as the two towers Hammersmith and the two towers east in Tower Hamlets.

Tamsin Gale & Nikki Hayes, independent freelance designers ‘Gale & Hayes’ who design and create Fortuna Associates branding, promotional materials, client reports, visuals and mock-ups.

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