Sunderland City Council

With our strategic partner Mazars LLP Fortuna Associates was appointed in October 2013 to carry out a diagnostic audit of income generation opportunities from advertising & sponsorship across a wide range of possible income streams, and to review and assess Sunderland City Council’s current performance and contracts relating to income generation from advertising & sponsorship, including outdoor media, which was delivered in January 2014. This review and audit report included:
Large format outdoor advertising – standard non-digital

Large format (six-sheet) outdoor advertising – standard non-digital

Lamppost banner advertising

Roundabout sponsorship

Sponsorship of events and other opportunities, including the

Sunderland International Air-show

Advice on unauthorised advertising

Naming Rights

This review identified a significant possible uplift of revenues that could be generated from these areas subject to Council approval, advertisement and planning consents, and market requirements, demand values. Fortuna Associates is awaiting the decision of the City Council on how it wishes to take forward the recommendations in the report.


Sunderland City Council

“Mazars, in conjunction with Fortuna Associates, recently carried out a review of advertising in Sunderland City and produced an excellent piece of work which highlights ways in which current levels of income could be increased and also highlights new income opportunities.”
Sonia Tognarelli Head of Finance, Sunderland City Council

Sonia Tognarelli, Head of Finance
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