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It’s about time we had a new site dedicated to extreme creampie action. Here at Cum 4K, we have just that although it is a small site because it’s brand-new. It is also shot in 4K HD, and so the playback is amazing, and so is the creampie action. It’s all about hard pussy banging with pussies and dicks coated in white and messy‚Ķ something that looks like jizz, until the guy unloads over the girl’s pussy or face.

Log in, and you’re right there looking at the most recent updates. It’s still too early to say what the update schedule will be, but it looks good so far, it’s easy to get around, and each movie is shown with the same viewing choices. These start at 4K HD for streams and downloads and then come 1,920 x 1,080 HD, 720p, 480p and a smaller file for mobiles, all in Mp4. There is also a WMV download at 720p, so that’s a bonus, and the movies are high quality. I mean, they are well filmed with great close-ups of the pussy pounding and squelching, and good lighting and sound. The action is heavy and hot and does not disappoint. Below is a short video with Scarlett Bloom:

Cum 4k – Best Cumshot Video
With each scene comes a set of screen caps. These are fine to view and give you an idea of how the scenes will unfold. Most scenes also come with a digital gallery with around 50 pics each that you can open one at a time. They can be downloaded like that and come out at 1,500 x 1,000 px per pic, or you can take a zip file of the full set and keep the ones you want to collect. Again, the quality is excellent and there are plenty of images you’re going to want to save.


From the kinky setups to the BJs, to the cum-covered pussy pounding and the facials, the cum-in-mouth play to the grand finale, every movie at Cum 4K is shot in 4K HD, is exclusive and focuses on cum. The girls are youthful and horny, the guys are big and pumping, and the site is easy to manage. It’s not yet a big site but it’s not expensive either.